"Velvet Evening" stained glass window, art nouveau, Tiffany style, glass sun catcher, fusing, glass art, interior decoration


"Soir de Velours", a contemporary stained glass window, deep, intense and sober,
black, grey or transparent, structured lenses in multiple shades, black mother-of-pearl, a hint of dream catcher for a unique atmosphere.
You can install it against a wall, a window, hanging from a beam ...
Move it as you please, if you redecorate your interior.

Two techniques mingle:
Tiffany stained glass: tin technique, every piece of glass is cut out,
cast with copper tape and welded with tin.
fusion: glasses cut, grinded, decorated and baked at 800 degrees C.

Specialized in Tiffany stained glass technology since 2004,
I make unique pieces with the utmost care.
My approach to glass is to respect the rules of 4 R:
- Respect for the actions of the elders
- Respect for matter
- Self-respect
- Respect for the people who allow me to continue my craft.

All reproductions are prohibited. Copyright filed.

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